“Intimacy itself, which is knowledge”

My badass cousin, Sophie, recently gave the valedictorian speech at her high school’s graduation. She’s wicked smaht in the Getting Good Grades sense; more importantly and more visibly, though, she’s wicked smaht in the whole thoughtful, well spoken, humble, and gracious sense. She’s someone who doesn’t need the weird title of valedictorian to validate those… Continue reading “Intimacy itself, which is knowledge”

Watch Your (Soli)TUDE

  Two years ago, I coached high school track in  Concord, Massachusetts—just two miles down the road from Hanky Thoreau’s Walden Pond. It was poetic, then, that when I had lunch last week with a (great, super creative) dude I coached that year, our conversation gravitated towards solitude—and its role in gaining self-awareness and enabling creativity. Isaac—the former runner—is… Continue reading Watch Your (Soli)TUDE