This Train Is Bound For Glory

The B-Line is Boston’s slowest train. It putters along Comm Ave for six miles—from Boston College down to the Park Street stop at Boston Common. It makes about three times as many stops as it should. It might as well be a trolley car. Its inefficiency is both adorable and maddening. On Sunday, my good pal, Sam, and I raced the B-Line.

That morning, my roommate, John, ingeniously made a homemade selfie stick, detaching our mop’s head (decapitating it?) then duct-taping a GoPro to the end. Sam and I met at BC and made sure the driver was on board. Then, we were off.

Thanks to BU’s graduation and all its accompanying mayhem, we beat the train (by 12 minutes!):

It was a blast in the moment. It was a blast making the video. It’s the most excited I’ve been about making the occasional, goofy video in a long , long time. I’m pumped.


This week’s embarrassing story:

In college, I rented a lot of cameras from the library. I was catching the filmmaking bug and didn’t own my own camera yet. In April of my junior year, I—somehow—had three cameras that were well overdue. The library, naturally, thought the best course of action would be to make a big, laminated sign proclaiming my guilt to anyone who walked through its front doors.



It was kinda funny and kinda humiliating and luckily only up for a couple days.


P.S. This ROCKS. So does this.


There is no misery in art. All art is about saying yes, and all art is about its own making.—John Currin

The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.—Junot Diaz



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