Finding Your Melody

“Creativity is whatever you do that makes you happy. It’s how we respect our instinct and honor our voice. It’s how we make sense of this complex world. I have a big fence next to my yard, but it’s not to keep people out. It’s to paint and write my thoughts. I’m not worried about saying the right thing. I’m only worried about finding what interests me. If you find what interests  you you’re fortunate because you get to learn about it, and you also get to cook your own stew – which means cooking your own way of living so that your life becomes fascinating. People come by and leave me notes in my  mailbox all the time, and it warms my heart. We’re all growing together.”
“We can either be miserable or full of joy. That’s a choice we continually get to make. Why be miserable when you can be joyful? I love joy. I love kindness. I love love. I love to love. I don’t have a lot of romantic love ’cause I’m by myself most of the time, but I still love love. There’s some loneliness that comes with living on your own. But loneliness is very different from being alone. Loneliness is a sharp pain. Being alone is a vast, open freedom.”
“It’s all about finding your melody – your own melody – and then playing that melody to yourself and the world. Everyone’s got a melody. And we need to hear everyone’s melody.”
“I’m here. You’re here. How neat is that?! The universe talks. It’s very clear, but you gotta be a good listener to hear it talking.”


When people realize they’re being listened to, they tell you things.—Richard Ford

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