A Comfortable Altitude

I found an altitude I was comfortable with. I found a way to do what I like to do and avoid some of the parts of it that I was uncomfortable with. – Dave Chappelle, hero to wanderers and stubborn artists who would rather have dinner with Kellyanne Conway than sacrifice creative control

My mom recently told me I’m “a senior in the real world” in that I’m in year four of post-college rambling. Freshman year, I coached high school track and did freelance video-ing—until I was fried of both. Sophomore year, I moved to Denver, transitioned from video to photo, and worked at an elementary school. Junior year, I worked at an elementary school in Cambridge and rekindled the writing fire. Senior year, I did freelance photo and writing work, eventually moved home with the ‘rents, and got ready to start a new freshman year.

I found out two weeks ago that I got into grad school: I’m heading to Emerson next fall for an MFA in creative non-fiction. I’m pumped, relieved, eager to get started, and grateful to have had (fun, interactive, kind, receptive) readers with Child’s Play over the past year. Thanks for all the feedback.

I was really drawn to Emerson as a place with interdisciplinary flexibility (among writing genres) and close ties to its film, screenwriting, and publishing programs. It felt way less rigid and way more exploratory than other schools I looked at. It felt like a community of storytellers rather than a cold collection of academics. Staying in Boston was also a big draw.

It’s a three-year, full-time program – so, if you need me until 2020, I’ll likely be writing on this bench and loudly surrounded by these folks.

Thanks again for being an audience. This train ain’t stopping anytime soon!


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